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Nice paywall you got there. Care to summarise?

IMHO, the potential "US 5G competitors" could have been:

a) Motorola - except they were outmanoevered by Huawei - there may well have been iffy behaviour on their part during this time, but equally Moto-management were clearly outclassed (the bit where Huawei held up the sale of Moto wireless to Nokia/NSN was quite a move!)

b) Cisco - who have consistently failed in their attempts to get into the mobile business beyond routers and packet gateways in the core

c) Lucent - struggled to stay relevant, suffered from high costs, didn't ever really get much market traction outside of the US as a RAN supplier (even when part of Alcatel-Lucent)

The main players in 5G infrastructure are now Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei and possibly ZTE at a pinch, maybe also Samsung and NEC.

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