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Joking aside, if Huawei had entered into a tech sharing JV with Boeing, I'd expect Boeing to not exist any more except possibly as a small company with a building where boxes with red-shell badges on went in, and boxes with Boeing badges on came out 5 minutes later. That's basically what happened to Motorola between 2000 and 2010 - lots of Moto-management reasoning of "oh look, they make that box so much cheaper than we can, so let's use theirs instead, cull our workforce and trouser bonuses for reducing our opex this year". A few years later, they then wonder where their expertise has disappeared to.

I think the longevity of the people sitting on Huawei's board give them the luxury of thinking for the long term, whereas a lot of western corporates shuffle their CEOs and senior management too regularly, and so they don't look too far ahead

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