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Who to believe?

On the one hand we previously have a Microsoft Research senior cryptographer, supported by an MIT professor1, and now a new paper out of MIT (that has thanks and attributions to both aforementioned MS cryptographer and MIT professor) that further supports this view of shitty software from Voatz.

On the other side we have Voatz, some random, secretive company formed in 2016 who claims to have had independent security audits, yet conducted them all under NDAs so the results of those audits are secret.

Can someone help me solve my dilemma on whom I should trust (while lacking independent, public, audits)? /s


1 Ron Rivest, the 'R' in RSA encryption and in the RC1/2//4/5/6 encryption algorithms. Also the creator of the MD2/4/5/6 hash algorithms.

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