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My employer (I'm permie atm) has simply announced that the only way we'll accept temporary staff is via Umbrella companies or Fixed-term contracts. So, effectively they're just avoiding any discussion about IR35 status altogether. Existing contractors have been told to convert to permie or comply with one of the alternatives above, or bugger off. SWMBO's current contracting client - one of the major banks - has made a similar declaration.

So, while moving the company to Belize would be nice, it's not going to help for a lot of people. A shame, as that would mean nice tax-deductible trips to company HQ...

There must be some discussion here about whether moving people away from PSC's into Umbrellas constitutes agreement that the role is inside IR35. I would argue that it does nothing of the kind, but I'm sure HMRC won't let it stop them.

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