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What do we want? A proper review of IR35! When do we want it? Last year! Bunch of IT contractors protest outside UK Parliament

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"It's completely unnecessary. There is a quid pro quo already – contractors don't pay National Insurance contributions but then they don't get a state pension, sick pay or holiday pay, maternity or paternity pay – so we don't need this legislation.

Yes. However, it helps to admit that there is an actual problem with companies (building companies especially) who have been forcing everybody to be a contractor to evade having to pay PAYE, Pensions, sick pay, holiday pay, and paternity pay.

Ok, technically your not forced. Your just told "do this and we'll employ you", with the unspoken point of "don't, and you can enjoy life on the dole until you decide to accept it". Which is forced, in plain english before it's newspeaked to mean whatever the tax dodgers want it to mean.

Come up with some mechanism that prevents people from being stripped of their employment rights, and the government from being defrauded of the tax income and i'm sure that they'll be quite happy to consider changing their approach so that people who are genuinely innocent aren't caught in the crosshairs. The point at which a small fix could and should have been applied was probably a decade ago. It's now kept rolling and what's going to inevitably happen is an overreaction rather than a reaction.

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