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Assuming that the Civic still has its original engine and/or transmission by then, are you sure you aren't going to spend $7000 in regular maintenance and parts when you buy one? An EV might be more expensive upfront, but down the line you would recoup that cost in savings on maintenance and fuel. ICE cars need a hell of a lot of regular maintenance compared to EVs (simplistically, four modular electric motors plus a battery on four wheels).

Nor have you taken in mind the fact that in seven years' time, with technology progression, battery retrofits may become available for much cheaper, as pressure is mounting on EV manufacturers (especially Nissan).

Comfort is subjective. While the Civic is more _upmarket_, featuring higher-quality fit and finish, any luxury car from ten years ago trumps either in build quality _and_ price. (But of course, you'd have to pay fuel and maintenance that correspond to a much higher price tag).

And the Civic definitely doesn't match the Leaf in ambient cabin noise nor in acceleration, which some people include in the umbrella term "comfortable".

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