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The conservatives have long ago learned to fight dirty, and the best the Democrats can answer is a weak "But look!" while they argue with one another.

Look back on my profile and I've been saying this for YEARS, but only now do (some) "liberals" / moderates now understand that you need to grab a baseball bat when you're confronted with a knife, rather than a rose.

For an alternative and unpopular view, Trump is the end result of people doing what you are suggesting.

The media departed from the point that they reported on news on a relatively correct and impartial basis a long, long time ago. They now actively promote their own political agenda, and drive the agenda of the day through lying through omission, slander and the intimidation value of ruining any normal persons life through misrepresentation.

The lack of balanced coverage by the media means that it is no longer possible for normal moderate people to get their concerns redressed by the political system or the media. It is also no longer possible for normal moderate people to get elected. Normal concerns are actively suppressed by the media with cries of variations of "wrongthinker!" or "throughtcrime!". Therefore, moderates are largely suppressed by two camps of extremists and their only value to either side is largely found at the point that they are expected to vote for one or the other set of extremists.

Trump is a product of this. The media won't cover things fairly? Fine, use this against them. Just put your own messages out via twitter. That way, you can simply say (or do) something outrageous and displace anything that was going to be on the newspapers front cover, thereby denying the media the ability to run their own agenda. Media driven character assassinations on spurious grounds with no proof offered or existing? Fine, just deliberately whip their little bubbles up to the point that they burst. You know people actually need "digital detoxes" and give up on sticking in their bubbles for their health? That's your political movement fraying at the edges, and pushing out "traitors" who minutely disagree with something obviously absurd is a fairly good sign that the entire thing is coming apart at the seams.

I said a couple of months after Trump was elected that I thought he'd get a second term based on how he was handling the US media, and how utterly incapable the opposition was at holding a basic level of introspection into why they lost. If they don't have that introspection before this election then they are losing again this time, and it's looking increasingly unlikely that anybody else is going to stop for at least 30 seconds and consider why he's about to beat them.

Still plenty of time to hold that but there is a total disconnect of reality with these people who are making claim to being the intellectual elite, but is getting systematically outwitted and played by somebody they are deriding as being thick.

Which to be fair, he is. But how does that reflect on the people getting played daily for almost 5 years(!?!) by El Thicko?

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