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Just HOW do you MORONS think that you weren't, constantly, getting what YOU wanted, screw everyone else?

Is it TRUE that the conservative tax cut agenda has been the status quo of America since Reagan...EVEN THOUGH [you've] done nothing but increase the national debt EVERY TIME you've had a president in office??

Is it TRUE that conservative supply-side economics has been king for 30+ years, even to Trump's tax cuts...yet BY FACTS middle class quality of life has stalled thanks to STAGNANT WAGES but yet through ALL that the conservatives CONSTANTLY deny an increase in the minimum wage? WHILE CORPORATE PROFITS AND CEO WAGES go ever higher??

That we have not only more corporate money scandals than ever before, the life expectancy of Americans has gone DOWN but yet (you) somehow deny health care reform??

Deny climate change, fundamentally and without lying due to the fact that you simply don't want to pay for any type of necessary change, in any way that might personally inconvenience your pocketbook??

Yell out "Support life!" in regards to unborn... while cutting support programs to help them once they ARE born??


If anyone missed my point from before, I'm only pissed that the liberals never seem to want to insult people to the level that the conservatives always do. A conservative gets on the media and yells out "libtard!", and the Democrats sit and take it.

I'm sick of the Dems lack of backbone for a fight. Stand up and crush the stupid opposition - the "conservatives" make their stand on THE INTERNET, using COMPUTERS, after their 40 HOUR WORKWEEK, with MIDDLE CLASS TAKE HOME PAY, and more - ALL existing ONLY due to historical progressivism - and they think they are "winners". While there are the castrated lap dogs of the rich, who prime class warfare while sitting aside, sipping their champagne.

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