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If I must say anything, I'm ashamed (as usual) of the job that the Democrats did in PR'ing the case.

As proof by your reply, the sad fact is that the impeachment changed nothing; not many people changed their (extremely predetermined) minds. This was the complete failure of the Democrats: every presentation that they did, any and all discussions they had about any facts they had, they brought to the fore in liberal-friendly, liberal facing presentations. Read: any time they got out of their protected enclosure of the House, they kumbaya'ed together with friendly media and similar talking heads.

The Democrats needed to charge DIRECTLY into enemy territory and crush any and all bullshit brought up against evidence, which was being used as a distraction: if you can't disprove the point, come up with "Lock her up!" and "Where's the whistleblower!".

But as usual the Democrats didn't do that. They allow the conservatives to make talking points without direct, in-your-face replies, and expect everyone to come around to the Democrat way by faith and hope.

The conservatives have long ago learned to fight dirty, and the best the Democrats can answer is a weak "But look!" while they argue with one another.

Look back on my profile and I've been saying this for YEARS, but only now do (some) "liberals" / moderates now understand that you need to grab a baseball bat when you're confronted with a knife, rather than a rose. Look up on YouTube "Bill Maher Do the Wrong Thing", only posted a week ago, to realize that they need to WAKE UP before its too late - as Germany proved, authoritarianism is enticing to the weak-minded and scared when a "strongman" tells you he can fix things...because it's all someone else making your problems.

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