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Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'

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1. I think you missed the word *require* in that statement, which is borne out in the original "request".

2. The request also specifies "men" and "women", and some people don't feel they're either.

(TBF, if I was NB, I'd be fine with that and just rock up in whatever. "Sorry, boss, the memo just specified boys and girls".)

3. If you're a woman, apparently you have to wear a skirt. A short one. I don't even OWN a skirt and haven't for, oh, 40 years.

Re your statements specifically:

4. Women are nerds too, but apparently not in your taxonomy. I'm not sure what us nerds who aren't red-blooded men actually are, please explain. (Actually, please don't.)

5. Also, are gay men "red-blooded men"? I'm sure pretty much all of them are, actually. Or perhaps they all have anemia from looking at insufficient numbers of sexy women. Perhaps someone should reveal this scientific insight to the world.

7. I don't look at my colleagues as sexy anythings (unless we are actually in a relationship outside of work), but maybe "sexy women" don't count as colleagues?

8. I'm sure I won't qualify as a "sexy" woman on your scale, but if I did for any of my colleagues, if they didn't leave off the staring very frigging fast, well, they wouldn't be feeling very red-blooded "male" either for a while after that. Since, you know, I'd be there for the event, not someone's leering eye candy. (Since we've already determined women aren't nerds, I wouldn't be worried about any leering from them.)

9. Finally, I like looking at sexy women too. (Not at work events.) So am I a "red-blooded male" after all and allowed to wear trousers?

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