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Musk's vehicles plan is to get rich by allowing Americans to continue to drive huge cars while kidding themselves this will stop climate change. It isn't going to do that.

Boring companies like VW and BMW (and now Toyota) have been working on the next line of vehicle technology - like BMW's experiment with getting lightweight bodies down to more or less affordable levels - and affordable urban transport like the electric Up! family. This is actually much harder to do and takes longer. And you cannot sell on perceived status or 0-60 acceleration.

Most of the time two tonnes of Tesla is transporting one or two upper middle class people on a journey that could be done with a one tonne vehicle. That is the real problem to solve; making a system that reduces overall cost as well as decarbonising.

You can build two small cars with 40kWH batteries for the cost of one Tesla with a 90kWH battery, thus displacing twice as many ICEs and doubling the impact on carbon dioxide emissions. The problem is to make the 40kWH cars a complete substitute for the ICE version, and that is an infrastructure issue.

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