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"Now, how exactly is tens of thousand of satellites in the same orbit not going to increase our chances of the Kessler Syndrome ?"

*BECAUSE* they are all in the same orbit. If two blobs are orbiting several miles apart at the same height, speed and orientations, the major force inducing them to collide will be their mutual gravitational attraction (with minor influences such as air-drag, solar photons imparting momentum changes and other such Pioneer Anomaly stuff) which is pretty much negligible over miles.

If loads of orbiting blobs are in *different* orbits, it's even less likely they will collide. A couple of satellites almost did a couple of weeks ago and it made headlines globally. It's that rare. If you put them all in orbit *carefully*.

As one would when one's quadrillions of dollars of future income depends upon them.

Trust the money guys. They may not value life or the planet or even the rest of the cosmos but they are never going to risk their money.

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