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Re: "then I wanna know what is expected (general labels dont help)"

RN officer training around 2010 had long dress code advice, including several strictly forbidden items, which you knew someone had appeared in or worn including "swimsuits with fashionable cut out sections", "hotpants", "cartoon character ties have extremely limited usage potential" "no transparent tops"and quite a few others...

Also included "females should should ensure they include formal trousers in their non uniform wardrobe as skirts are not appropriate aboard ship" (and that was for good reason - wind, ladders, mobility etc)

I don't know how they handle non binary, simplest solution would probably be to permit both genders to wear skirts when allowed. Heck they've updated the fitness test to cover both genders to the same standard.

Even then they had a very simple rule "no one touches anyone" covers all bases, however I did hear a dit that a married XO on one ship was having an affair with a female able rating, seemingly known throughout the ship (news travels very very fast), playing with fire as if someone had filed a complaint his ass would be grass over it...scandalous stuff....

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