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Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'

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"then I wanna know what is expected (general labels dont help)"

Evidently, because you're not used to those labels, and those events.

There are precise labels that define what you are expected to wear, without telling you exactly what to wear, leaving some kind of freedom to suit your style, culture, religion, etc. etc.

I understand that many people lost this kind of knowledge as most people started to wear like a tramp, while expecting all woman to look like sex toys.

So, in doubt, ask. But rarely you would be asked to wear a very specific style like is asked to women in too many occasion. There are a lot of very uncomfortable clothes and shoes a man too could be asked to wear - but no one is explicitly asked to.

Note: your preferred sport or music start is not usually an example to follow. You can go to a good shop and ask for help, anyway.

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