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"Thus the solution is simple if these thousands of new satellites are an issue: install fast, affordable fiber internet everywhere people live.Have a few satellites maybe act as bridges between population gaps, but otherwise keep it terrestrial."

By 'fast fibre' many are thinking of 'high speed, high capacity' data transfer but the benefit of Elan's proposal is that his system will deliver a significant latency improvement (potentially 30%) over any fibre optic cable.

The financial markets are keen to shave nano seconds off their million $ trades to beat the trader in the next office block. They have already established private microwave networks across Europe to 'beat the Internet' between financial centres.

Elon's system, once proved, will no doubt be able to cream significant traffic from these markets at a premium cost.

Not directly related to the article but I am interested in how the service will deliver compliance to all the national regulations, particularly for site/link blocking and retention currently operated across the world. e.g. how will the system stop someone in Australia accessing the gambling sites in the UK? How will police execute Warrants when each country has it's own, often conflicting, rules and it's probably a given that US law will govern the system.

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