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Astroboffins may have raged at Elon's emissions staining the sky, but all those satellites will be more boon than bother


This is where we are now

I think it's fair to say that if we had already wired up the globe with fiber internet, we would have little need for SpaceLink and kin. But we haven't. And clearly the demand for (fast) internet that is just there and is affordable exists. The benefits of giving the world + dog access to the internet have been documented extensively as well. This part all checks out.

Thus the solution is simple if these thousands of new satellites are an issue: install fast, affordable fiber internet everywhere people live.Have a few satellites maybe act as bridges between population gaps, but otherwise keep it terrestrial.

Ergo, governments slacking off on making internet available and affordable is the root cause why SpaceLink even exists? Intriguing if that's the case.

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