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Maryland: Make malware possession a crime! Yes, yes, researchers get a free pass


I especially like the idea that

If it's not currently a crime, they aren't criminals, so by making it a criminal offence you are creating new criminals.

So, what should have been said is 'making perpetrators aware that this is a crime'

The thing is, it already is a crime - so they are already a criminal. However, in Maryland they can now prosecute the same individual for two crimes, not one, for each individual offence - which means more time in prison (assuming they were daft enough to commit their crime in the USA whilst they are actually in the USA), more profit made by the private prison services, and in theory more corporate taxes paid by them.

Everyone is happy (Except the criminal, who doesn't really care because chances are they aren't in the USA and have no intention of ever physically being there)

Convoluted - yes, pointless - probably.

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