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Well I'm only trying to correct the record on what the status quo is. I'm not trying to convince people the law is wrong, or the judgements were wrong. I could cite the precedents noted by the judgements in support of the rulings (but why duplicate?). I could cite amici for either side, but I'm clearly not going to change your opinion on what the law should be (or how it should be interpreted).

Given the Supreme Court denied petition on Google's first appeal with regard to the JAVA API they copied was subject to copyright, I don't expect a win for them on that leg, seemingly unchanged. Now the Supremes could have denied it the first time around simply because the "fair use" alternative defence was unresolved.

Whether Google prevails on "fair use" probably hinges on whether interoperability somehow comes into it, despite not being a clear legal point of law or precedent. Without Congressional intervention, I see just as much danger in a win for either side, given folks will stretch the boundaries and litigate around them. Ambiguity is opportunity.

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