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Consider what the basis for the licence was; no API copyright, no license enforceability. I excluded the trademark question by hypothesising 'Motlin'. As MS were writing their own implementation for their JVM, the APIs were all they needed to reproduce for 'compatibility'. But the license applied, because the copyright applied to what they reproduced, viz. the API. They settled.

What I've been trying to illustrate mentioning the MS vs. Sun case is that the copyright treatment of APIs in the case between Google and Oracle is not some new, revolutionary approach that will bring the sky crashing down. The appeals court upheld copyright protection for the Java SE API based on law and precedent (in the 9th and other circuits). Don't take my word for it; read the judgements.

You might disagree that APIs should get any protection in U.S. copyright law, but changing that will most likely be a job for Congress.

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