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the interfaces aren't subject to protection (nor should they be) and so it doesn't matter if Google copied a single interface, or all of them. It's still perfectly legal.

This is flat out wrong. Repeating it does not make it true. Read the judgements in the appeals; the appeal court found Oracle's API worthy of copyright protection as embodying the expression of an idea, not just the idea. The first appeal allowed fair-use might apply and reverted it for re-hearing. The second appeal took the evidence from the re-hearing and overruled the jury that Google could claim fair-use. The copyright ship has sailed.

Copyright has clearly applied to software source and code in the US since at least 1980. This ruling for Oracle threatens little, except the casual ripping off of other people's development efforts. If you want to copy an API, get a licence. Google could have done the right thing from day 1, but they wanted to fragment the Java platform, but not play under the GPL.

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