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Obviously, all the big cloud providers want to be free to copy anybody's API...

...and sell their own services built on them.

So they can offer any service without paying the original software supplier whenever they decide it's better for them, and without risking to lose customers if they can't offer a service any longer.

Too many people seem to be unaware the big changes the XaaS models are bringing into software development and the whole software market. AWS, Azure, Google and IBM all have big incentives to copy the API of whatever application is successful and offer it themselves cutting out the original developers and thus any money they would have to pay to them, or any code they should release because of licenses.

Expect any successful service to be quickly cloned and some proprietary features added to lock customers in. Open souce applications will be even more at risk, until licenses are changed to block it.

In a few years many will understand why API copyright was a good thing to keep a market open and competitive, and not let a few molochs to control it fully killing any smaller competitor as they like.

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