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Problems at Oracle's DynDNS: Domain registration customers transferred at short notice, nameserver records changed

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File a claim

I would personally say for the users who paid for yearly registration, as have lost all access and services with no response from Oracle and, to file a complaint and demand a refund from your payment processor, under "Theft of services".

Accepting payment for, but failing to deliver or removing access to services, is theft - the consistent question is always will customers push this issue or just sit back and take it?

Many years ago I bought a prepaid cell phone (Virgin). I moved the phone number to a different company and asked Virgin to give the prepaid phone a new number, the prepait still had a balance. Virgin willingly gave me a new phone number (reactivation) but initially refused to forward the remaining balance, stating company policy. So I said to them "Ok, that's theft of services as you acknowledge that I have a balance that you are unwilling to honor. Is that what you're saying??"

Virgin changed their mind in a hurry and have me my credit.

Companies will try to get away with anything they can unless customers make them do otherwise.

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