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US hands UK 'dossier' on Huawei: Really! Still using their kit? That's just... one... step... beyond

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Anonymous Coward

This is far better done by the US government paying for the price difference between Huawei and non-Huawei gear across the globe.

In the global marketplace the US so wanted, Huawei's offering is now competitive. I'd like operators deploying cost effective solutions so that the mobile marketplace is competitive is a openly competitive market as far as possible. (Again supposedly a value of the American capitalism but erm not this time?)

While Trump wants to pick and choose, (what else do little rich kids know) , in the real world that ain't cheap, so open up that wallet, Mr. Trump if you want your NSA to get first dibs on all the spicy spying.

Maybe that'll get him a Nobel Peace prize too.. NSA spying keeps the world safe innit

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