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W. Anderson

Microsoft software catastrophe

I am fully aware, from credible media posts from several sources that the Trump Administration blocked Amazon from securing a bid on any Defense Department or any other US Government Federal Government contract "Just because" Trump himself has become/is mentally unbalanced by articles in the Washington Post - owned by Jeff Bezos, who also is principle shareholder in Amazon.

Completely sick and infantile attitude by Trump, as usual.

Amazon may have obtained some excellent technical reasons in it's objections to the Microsoft deal today, January 14, 2020 - with headlines announcements on every major USA TV and print media of US National Security Agency (NSA) - for first time ever - publicly disclosing a severe vulnerability in Microsoft Operating Systems (OS) software, having roots in the company's OS cryptographics functionality being broken, allowing all sorts of hackers into controlling the entire software infrastructure.

Even under a Trump Administration strict mandate, the US Defense department would be completely brain dead to proceed with such a critical contract award for Microsoft proven crappy software.

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