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No FTTP here

I live in a town that's close to many larger towns/cities and we still don't have fibre to the home yet... and there is no road map showing if it's ever coming... I have no idea if all of the houses they built just round the corner or are continuing to build around me have it either. We are literally in the middle of 5 major towns within 10-15 miles in all directions and on a major route between 2 of them... It's an up and coming area with masses of regeneration and building going on.

I'm around 500m from my nearest cabinet (about 100m direct, but cables go up one street and down the other) and whilst I can get around 60-65Mb my actual speeds hover in the 44-49Mb range... just enough to give me a real world speed above the minimum 38Mb the ISP guarantees to provide.

I keep complaining and suddenly I'm getting better speeds again... and slowly it drops over the next few months once more. The openreach engineer tells me that it's a good line with no noise and more than capable of supporting near to 70Mb (Best I used to get was 67Mb)... So I can only assume that my ISP 'Zen' is slowing things down... Wouldn't be the first time I've encountered it, I'm a heavy user 99% of everything I watch is streamed in HD/4K and as I work from home it's always in use aside from when I'm sleeping.

I just want decent speeds, trying to stream 4 content to 2 devices at the same time whilst somebody is gaming/downloading and browsing... still causes issues when you've maxing out at around 38-39Mb especially with frequent drops below that.

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