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MI5 gros fromage: Nah, US won't go Huawei from dear old Blighty over 5G, no matter what we do



The UK must always protect its own sovereignty; albeit we are rather good at selling off our assets to other sovereign states. I'm not defending that as we live in a global world but we have to apply some reasonable thinking here. Ask yourselves one question "would China protect /enforce its own sovereignty over another sovereign state"? In times of political unrest what would you do to play / keep the upper hand if you had some control over another sovereign states 5G (or whatever) infrastructure (and that's the key point here, what does control look like, where we are currently scrutinizing these devices today, over tomorrow when we will be more relaxed and accept / trust that one patch / fix).

You can think / say what you feel (above) but sovereignty rules!

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