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Re: This is a Real national security problem. Think hard, Brits!

Its not a national security issue. There's a big difference between being an equipment supplier and a provider. I have absolutely no qualms about using Chinese equipment -- it has to be built and tested to verify it operates to appropriate levels of service and adheres to appropriate standards but these are well understood. I'd be very wary of using China Telecom as my provider, though (except that I don't have any national security or sensitive commercial information, I'm a retiree, so I'd not really a useful source of intelligence).

The real issue here is that the US doesn't really have a dog in this equipment fight. We've got a couple of chip makers that enjoyed monopoly or near-monopoly positions with 4G but we outsourced the rest because all the money's in provision and in 'apps'. The problem we know face is that Huawei all but owns 5G, they have about 60% of the patents needed to use it, so we're faced with the choice of either tarting up 4G LTE a bit and calling it '5GE' (for 'evolution') or buying Huawei kit.

The moral of this tale, as should be known by anyone from the UK, is that if you keep outsourcing your industry then eventually you won't have any. 'Service economies' can only go so far in generating wealth (typically they don't generate it, they just redistribute it).

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