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Loved mine

I was very fortunate to receive a second hand Amiga 500 for Christmas plus quite a few copies of Amiga format and some coding manuals. I had great fun playing Zeewolf and typing out lots of code including the REM /comments (I didn't know any better at the time lol) in blitz basic.

Qbasic several years later while bored during the fire service strikes on a monochrome laptop (seriously skint) I wrote playable versions of pong and then arkanoid (that's a massive step up in complexity). Few years later spot the difference game then a really crap command and conquer rip off with a map editor (how else do you make the map).

Now I do professional services work and spend most of my time trying to make documentation and statements of work fool proof... For actual fools I. E. The REM parts :/

I miss my Amiga.

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