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Whirlybird-driving infosec boss fined after ranty Blackpool Airport air traffic control antics

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I believe that helicopters shouldn't be able to "self clear" anyway

Even if he did properly announce his position, altitude, air speed, heading, etc like a pilot entering airspace without prior clearance should, he still should have been censured for doing so. A helicopter can hover, FFS, not all of us have the option of just not moving. The only way he could be justified would be if he was running low on fuel, dealing with a failing system, engaging in life-saving operations, the helicopter is rated only for VFR and weather is coming in, etc.

My role at work involves flying the company jet* in and out of the NYC area, and pretty much every flight of ours ends up having to adjust for some whirly-wanker thinking they own the skies. I wonder what it will take for them to finally realize that me getting out of their way is far more dangerous for me than for them to get out of my way. For me, my only options are to proceed forward, hoping the helicopter listens to ATC and stay out of my approach / departure path, or to abort the landing, and return to a traffic pattern in some of the busiest skies in the world. For them, its a gentle pulling back of the collective and just not moving for a little while, the only risk they face is their passengers getting all blustery (As helicopter passenger in NYC are wont to do).

*I am part of a 8-person Red Team, and since we're all traveling at the same time to the same place, it works out cheaper and easier for us to travel as a unit in a light jet. Plus we've audited the security of some airlines and aircraft manufacturers, and we aren't exactly thrilled at the prospect of climbing on to one of their planes, whereas our aircraft, we've went through and audited the hell out of its electronics (We acquired a retired version of our aircraft, identical in every way except for the serial numbers, and then attacked it with everything we had, working with the manufacturer to fix the bugs we found).

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