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Having been in a private whirly bird..

Normally when anywhere near air traffic controlled airspace the first thing you do is confirm where you're headed, how high and where you are now.

If they tell you to move you move. If they tell you to stay, you stay. It's irritating but is there to hopefully prevent crap like having a glider and towplane fly at you*. With respect to landing, if the airspace is busy, you F***ING wait unless you want air traffic control rightfully telling you off on an open channel and then having to warn other pilots remotely near you to watch out.

That said they be a pain about confirming the difference between North East and North-North East (we flew between both so it was neither here nor there)....

* or rather didn't because the towplane didn't bother to check if he could take off from the hillside he was sat on, not expecting any bugger to fly a helicopter to look at the Kilburn White horse from the air but I digress...

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