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Bones and Cookies...

Probably around the same time as this tale occurred, a friend of mine got a copy of ResEdit into his paws and was thrilled to find out that you could alter all kinds of menus and alerts both in applications and the OS on the Macs of the newspaper he worked for. So the most logical thing was to spend multiple hours to work through all resource forks he could find and replace the work "file" with "cookie", and "folder" with "bone."

At that time, data between the machines was mostly exchanged by floppy (well, rather "stiffy") disks. I still don't know how it happened, but soon after, the madness spread to other machines, more and more eventually asking stuff like "Are you sure you want to copy this cookie into this bone?" Took a lot of effort to clean that up, but it was really funny. Especially seeing him try to explain that to the boss...

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