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Ahhhh PASCAL, heady days indeed .

After beavering away on a serial comms app that utilised (iirc) a 20x2 LCD display to display the chat, I clicked compile and nipped out for a beverage (damn those 286s were slow.)

Returning to the Lab my fellow students were eager to test so we ran a cable along the length of the room with my fellow (g1ts) Students gathered at the opposite end.

After a few hiccups the LCDs sprang to life and as a group of late teens and early 20s do, we started to exchange "pleasantries" via our new toy.

While trying to think of ever more effective put downs I failed to notice the crowd of Senior Uni Staff gathered around me.

Long and short of it, the prospective new Head of the Electronics Faculty was mildly amused by the childish messages, our Lecturer was slightly less impressed.

Still got a distinction however, just :)

Thumbs up as the code worked like a dream.

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