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"I'd rather burn Windows 10 with fire and go back to a fully supported Windows 7, thank you very much!"

and Khaptain asked: "Why?"

Answer: TOO MANY REASONS TO LIST HERE! But I'll start with these:

a) 2D FLATTY FLATSO McFLATFACE FLUGLY UI design with "The Metro" "The Start Thing" UWP and "The Settings": and all of that "change because *WE AT MICROSHAFT FEEL* in spite of what customers actually want"

b) The Spyware and The Adware built into the OS.

c) The Store

d) The MIcrosoft Logon - able to track you WHEREVER you are online, or ON! YOUR! OWN! COMPUTER! for that matter! If they haven't already leveraged this, they will at some point.

On a related note...

recently I swapped in a new hard drive for a relative's older laptop, with Devuan Linux and Mate. It originally came with Vista. The performance benefits alone are worth it, but at least the system will NOW be maintainable... And the owner of this computer is a "content consumer", and it took only a short time (read: a few minutes) to re-learn to use a Mate desktop vs what was set up before in Vista. Lots of "thank you" responses. Data files and settings were preserved when possible. I copied _everything_ that was in C:\Users into the new file system, just in case.

even e-mail settings were just copied because the windows system was using thunderbird...

(ok remind me why people are actually USING WNIDOWS 10 again?? Because someone like ME hasn't come along and converted them over to Linux, right?)

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