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Nope and it isn't new either. I've been wearing them for over a decade as well. They are technical t-shirts made with nylon fibres so smooth at the nano level that bacteria cannot cling to them. It's the bacteria working on your sweat which causes the smell.

The technical thing wicks your sweat away without the bacteria and evaporates it. I run in these, Helly Hansen long sleeve tops with the stripes down the sleeves are like that. I have some Under Armour Black t-shirts I wear as undershirts (bought cheap as remaineders online).

I reckon I can go for two sweaty runs in the HH tops before they need a wash, not because of pong but salt build up. But I can wear the UA ones for a week in normal wear quite happily.

Someone in a marketing dept either in ignorance or chutzpah is punting yet another version of them. Perhaps these can be printed with no diminution of the properties or something.

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