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Silly Article

The article is NOT about any problems with the Cable Modems themselves (well, there is a problem there, but it is entirely insignificant). It is about the stupidity of permitting untrustworthy third-parties unfettered access to run the crappy malicious code on your computer (hence the reference to execution of JavaScript in the browser being a necessary prerequisite). The "root cause" of the issue is permitting the unrestrained execution of untrusted code originating from unknown and/or untrustworthy parties on your computer. Fix that root cause of the problem, and it is merely another "so what? who gives a flying fuck?"

I don't particularly care that the one-way glass on the bedroom windows is not really one way glass because I put up curtains and close them before getting my jollies on, so the local tabloid will never be publishing pictures by the peeper over-the-road on the front page of the local rag, and I do not care that a bunch of other idiots failed to hang curtains -- that is not my problem.

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