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Yes! Move the person out of the way!

Long ago, when wireless networking was best effort (and on 2.4ghz), we had one problem area in the school, call it one problem room. When ever the students started all writing a test on the laptops, the wireless would drop out of this room. We busted our heads and asses trying to get our minds around this problem. After a few observations of the issue, the coin dropped. Every time there was test on the laptops, the instructor would position themselves squarely in the doorway(to observe for cheating etc). This instructor didn't miss any meals, and didn't know when to push away from the dinner table. The AP was directly across the hall from their door and their large carriage was blocking the signal. We asked them to move away from the door, and presto, connection to the network was restored! We couldn't bring ourselves to tell them it was their own fault...

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