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"You exclude Samsung but my experience puts them in with the rest of the walkaway android crowd"

I'm not a fan of Android in any form, but in Samsung's favour they are at least going for a simpler business model where they make more money up front and then make an effort to safeguard their customers with the goal of getting some loyalty and repeat business. Knox isn't too bad, biometrics are modern and Smart Anti-Tracking tries to deal with some of the more pond-scum end of the advertising spectrum. They're also going down the innovation route; DeX is genuinely useful and although the Galaxy Fold was a non-starter, they are at least trying.

Generally speaking the more premium you go, the more companies value you as a customer and the more effort they make to retain you. If you're at the bargain basement end, they think purely transactionally and couldn't care less about you once they've offloaded their latest tat.

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