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Ok since you seem determined to keep railroading 'relevance' to whatever your argument is, let me make this simple to avoid going round in yet more circles.

Your original post stated: "Nowadays manufacturers (and not only phones) don't compete on features, they just make sure their product won't last more than a year or two."

My post rebutted this by giving an example of four phones from one manufacturer that have clearly been designed to last far longer than 'a year or two' - in terms of both software (still fully supported) and hardware (zero maintenance except that required by user error). It doesn't get more 'relevant' to your post than that. End of story.

Moving on to the rest of your post - firstly if you had an Android phone in 2008, it was an HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1. There's nothing this phone does that can't be done better by a modern Android landfill device costing $100 or less, except the keyboard and trackball. If you want that, you need to look at a BlackBerry PRIV or similar, which these days can still be picked up for less than $200. Secondly, if despite this you are particularly attached to the G1 you can root it and install Linux, Cyanogenmod or any number of custom Android builds; or even put Windows95 on it if you want to torture yourself. It still won't be good, but you're not as locked-in as you think you are.

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