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You are here, and the point of this article is way the hell over there. IIRC literally one line mentioned that VS Code has a browser-based offering through Visual Studio Online, and the chances are that people using VSO aren't doing heavyweight Java stuff.

FWIW, you don't need a massive hulking behemoth of a desktop to simply write code. Personally I would *prefer* a desktop, but for the most of the work I do the disk I/O speed (both random and continuous) is far more important than raw CPU horsepower. I *could* get more I/O speed out of a desktop if my company were willing to spend a *lot* of money on hardware (putting me out of sync with every other developer); however if I ever need enterprise-grade performance then instead of trying to get enterprise-grade performance out of consumer/business-grade hardware I simply move my workloads to enterprise-grade hardware.

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