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Re: ICO hints that GDPR appears to be optional

I think there's some algorithm they employ (well, no shit sherlock), and in theory, all those articles move around their site like puzzle pieces, based on what is clicked, or viewed, or whatever (hence the occasional fun when you hear media picking up stories, quoting the beeb only to find out that the story's 5 year old but for some reason, people overlooked it, more and more clicked on it, thus the story's resurfaced to feature prominently, etc.

Obviously, given that the travelex is probably THE story, alongside the Iranian-US "debacle", we can speculate that it's highly peculiar that it disappeared from the front. Perhaps an "algorithm" has been tweaked, by pure coincidence, by an unnamed intern to bury the bad news? It certainly appears that both travelex and the authorities are trying DESPERATELY hard to make it a non-news. Which is interesting.

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