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yes, hard not to feel schadenfreunde, couldn't have happened to nicer people, etc, etc. But I do have some sympathy with their customers (even though they're serious suckers to deal with travelex in the first place). I'm sure they'd be refunded by their banks for whatever they paid for the currency they'll never get, but I'm sure the banks will drag their feet as long as they can (30 days to process claims?)

p.s. it will be interested to see if the hackers stick to their promise to destroy that personal data they allegedly grabbed. On one hand, once they get their ransom, what's stopping them from making extra profit by flogging this data, record by record, or in bulk? (this might actually be the death strike for travelex). On the other hand, if the hackers want to continue their profitable line of business, as any business venture would do, failing to keep their "promise" would work against them in the future, sending a message to future victims: you pay the ransom AND lose data, which then makes you a sitting duck against authorities and regulations (fines ahoy) and individual legal claims. So, future victims might decide to stick to damage limitation, i.e. original losses, rather than pay ransom for nothing - if travelex customer data is released.

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