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As with the last license, after having read the one you mention, I have little objection to its content. However, I see no particular merits to this license and a few annoying aspects. The first is that this license includes many phrases that sound like this: "Nothing in this Licence is intended to deprive the Licensee of the benefits from any exception or limitation to the exclusive rights of the rights owners in the Work, of the exhaustion of those rights or of other applicable limitations thereto." It's reasonably clear what this sentence means, but it is by no means the clearest way to say that and the whole thing is written like this. Compared to the clarity and terseness in many other licenses, this is worse.

Second, I note the geographic limitation to where this license can be argued; if I produce a work licensed under this in Canada and someone in India violates that license, I can only pursue some types of actions in Canadian or Indian courts, and must pursue some types in Belgian courts. That might never be a major problem, but I see no benefit to the restriction.

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