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Mixing freedom and money - or obligation

Seems to me it's all tension around my title.

I want to be able to claim I'm giving something away, while demanding either conditions on it - it's not really a gift - or a way to get paid for what I'm taking credit for giving away.

Yeah, right.

If I knew a way to resolve that one - I'd clue y'all in. But it seems obvious to me from the sheer number of attempts that this is mostly some kind of spin to have it both ways at once. And frankly, it seems like hubris to claim you've finally figured out a way to have your cake and eat it too. Someone has misplaced career goals - that kind of junk is "marketing".

Most of us just have to get on with life, and mostly ignore these first world problems. Personally I just give my stuff away - I got the value out of it by using it myself, and simply ensuring no one else can take my own stuff from me or prevent me from using it, claiming it's their IP. seems like a worthwhile setup. Almost any of the licenses give me that, and frankly aren't even needed since copyright is automatic in most cases. Even if someone "BSDs" it and takes their changes or additions private - what I turned loose is still out there. Sad if they are fruity and don't give credit for it, but hey, that's icing, not the cake.

As for getting paid, well I spent many years producing IP for hire, it's owned (if that is possible) by the people who paid me for the work, we're done, everyone went away happy AFAIK. They got a ROI, I got honed skills which are still valuable, win-win.

I do see the value in copyright assignment to some big "good for us all "project, like Linux. But once you hand over your work, it's not yours - which is fine if your motivation was to aid the big project. If you had ulterior motives, well, shame on you.

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