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No sir, you described it perfectly.

I worked for a multi-national ISP back in 2000 to 2002, and it was interesting. Good pay and benefits, decent co-workers, and the change to play around with some leading edge tech. The flip side to that was getting woken up at 1 am, having to drive to the office, grab spare hardware, and hop on the next available plane to BFE to swap a failed line card in a remote site.

Sure, I traveled the country, but the only thing I saw were the insides of data centers, which TBH, no one cares about until it all falls over. :) I did manage on a couple occasions to sneak in some free time on two of my trips to play tourist, which was interesting in an of itself. (Notably, I toured NASA's Houston space center, which was pretty cool. It included a guided tour of some of the back areas, one of which was a full scale mockup of the KIBO module for the ISS.)

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