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Also, hotels seem to have a no comfy chairs policy. They often have lovely comfortable chairs in their bars and nice airy reception areas. But the ones in the rooms always seem to be horrible. Even in posh hotels where you get a desk with a decent upright chair, so you can do some work in your room, the sofa will be rock hard or have no depth so you always feel like you're perched on it.

This means you can't just sit in your room and read, unless you like sitting on the bed. And unless in a posh big room, there's often not the room between sofa and bed to stretch your legs out.

So you're living in the equivalent of your bedroom at home, with mostly the sort of things you have there - and no access to the stuff that might be in your sitting room. And to make it worse hotel TVs seem to be set up for viewing from lying in the bed - which almost nobody actually does by choice.

Plus fiddly little kettles and no easy way to wash stuff up - means that in-room tea making facilities are an annoying faff, rather than a pleasant convenience. And snacks means popping to the shops in a place you don't know, or horrible mini-bar prices.

Sorry, do I sound bitter? I'll shut up now.

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