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Business travel is over-rated. You've always got some place to be - and so you're rarely doing anything interesting. And while eating out is nice with friends, it's nice because it's a change from your normal everyday dining. When you're away for 5 days each "race weekend" (i.e. a week) - 21 times a year (23 this season) - then the charm wears off rapidly.

Plus hotel rooms are just too small - not that F1 crew probably spend much time in theirs - they've got to unpack and re-assemble and test 2 cars, plus setting up servers and the pit area - then take it all down again afterwards and re-pack it. Plus fix the car overnight, if the driver is so careless as to put it into a wall at 200mph, or if the engine decides to blow up of its own accord.

Then a few times a season they have back-to-back races in say Singapore and China - where they never go home, but fly all the kit out to one, then move straight to the other. So they're actually away from home for 2 weeks.

I'm sure it's great fun if you love it, but if you don't it probably gets really fucking annoying, really quickly. Not to mention all the time away from the family.

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