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I suspect that the team limit of 60 does not include the marketing people. It will come as no surprise to you that there are a lot of marketing people involved in F1.

Bear in mind that each team is going to have at least 10 sponsors - and probably much more than that. And all of them have paid the big money so they can take clients to races and wine and dine them. And seeing as they're paying all this cash, they want access to the team, hand-holding, explanations of all the shiny stuff (especially if they're the kind of sponsor whose kit the team actually use) - so that takes a big marketing team. In the case of Mercedes of course, Mercedes themselves will be using the team in their sales drives.

My mate worked for CA in their McLaren sponsoring days - when McLaren built the 2-seater F1 car for taking sponsors out for a joyride. Getting taken round Silverstone at 200mph by a top racing driver is the sort of jolly that even directors of top companies just can't do themselves and so it's a salesman's dream as a pressie to dangle in front of them. It doesn't matter how rich you were, as only two teams ever built those cars (if I remember correctly), and all the rides went to the big sponsors. So it's the kind of experience that only a few hundred people ever got.

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