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Emirati 'surveillance app' ToTok promoted by Huawei as Apple punts it from store

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Don't really blame Huawei here...

The article states that they'd not pulled it immediately. Based on rumour and FUD, based on one guys code analysis where that one guy says "Ohh this looks dodgy, I don't really know about this company in another nation so it must be a dodgy government front!"

I can understand Huawei's reluctance to drop something with so little real evidence. They themselves have been there before many times, and they know that one conspiracy nutter is plenty to repel 1,000,000,000 independent reviews that show absolutely nothing wrong (if only we could use conspiracy nutters as ablative armour - they seem to distort so much around them!)

Dammit.. Wish I'd got to this tab when it was a fresh story :(

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