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Y2K - Funtimes

I was working as a programmer for a small insurance company then. We went through the PC's, our IBM mainframe, and even a VAX box that sat in the computer room but wasn't plugged in. As I recall, we checked routers, phone system etc. I lived 75 miles away from the site so was told they'd call me and let me know if there were "issues" . I got a nice phone call at 12:05 am saying... "see you on the 2nd". On going in, the big surprise was that not only were Y2K bonus checks being handed out, we got a great catered lunch and 2 beers apiece. A fun times back then. I think that company was last one that really tried to take care of it's employees. Sadly, two years later, we had to merge with a huge company for financial reasons. All the IT staff ended up walking as the new place with filled with manglement who at best could be called "wankers".

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