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Today's budget for application improvements is brought to you by the letters "Y", "K" and the number "2"

James Anderson Silver badge

Nice to have a positive Y2K story where the money was spent on something useful.

My Y2K experience was one of pointless long winded form filling, and, dragging my support PC (Compaq desktop

with massive CRT screen) only to have a moron look at the box then stick a "Y2K compiant" sticker on it.

My favourite story is the U.S. department of commerce making high level diplomatic complaints to the Italian government about their inadequate Y2K spend, which was by far the lowest of any developed economy.

On January 1st 2000, the expected disaster occurred. The ticket machines for the Milan tram system stopped working and the good citizens of Milan got to ride for free for a few days while a hapless technician went around turning the ticket machines off and on again.

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